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Tennis Betting: What to Pay Attention To?

One of the most popular sports at the moment is tennis. Today we’ll talk about how to make tennis bets and what features you need to consider when evaluating matches to maximize profits. How to make profitable tennis bets? At the moment, tennis is one of the most dynamic and profitable individual sports, which is proved by Competitions held around the world speak for themselves about the high status of this game: Grand Slam Tournaments, Davis Cup, ATP, WTA, Roland Garros, and many others.

Based on the popularity of tennis, it also takes not the last place in bookmakers. Tennis betting is one of the most common, along with football, basketball and hockey. Beginners should be careful because tennis is not a team game, but an individual game, which means the approach to analyzing matches and the principles of forecasting are significantly different from other sports.

Tips for Beginners

For those who are just starting to be interested in tennis bets, we’ll briefly explain what tennis games consist of:

  • Two athletes participate in the game: producing and receiving it. After each game, players change roles. Matches consist of sets, sets of games.
  • To win the game, the player needs to collect points that are awarded for winning the draw. A game consists of a minimum of four goals: a 15-30-40 game, to win you need to maintain an advantage of two goals.
  • The number of sets is determined by the rules of the competition, there are two options: 3 and 5. To win in a 3 set match, you need to win 2 sets. In the 5th set, at least three.

How to Bet on Tennis?

First of all, it is worth considering that we recommend betting on live tennis. Betting in line depends on many aspects that are not predictable and often look more like a lottery, especially for beginners. In order to correctly make profitable tennis bets, you need to adhere to a clear gaming strategy and follow some rules:

  • Study player statistics - this is the very first and most important point when making any forecast. It is worth considering not only face-to-face meetings of athletes, but all activity during the season.
  • Pay particular attention to the championship in which the athlete shows the best results. Very often, world-class players do not want to waste their time before important games and do not spend energy in matches that do not solve anything.

Assess the level of motivation - in 90% of cases, the table is divided even before the start of any competition. It immediately becomes clear who will fight for the first places, takes the middle or got into the championship by chance and at best will be on the last but one line.