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Our Easy Process...


After signing up with Attractive Credit we begin the process immediately.

1. Send us your credit reports to provide a credit analysis and evaluation.

To begin the process of restoring your credit, we will need your credit reports from all three bureaus. If you do not have a credit report with FICO scores, we can help obtain one. Once your credit reports are received, we begin the process immediately with a full credit analysis and credit evaluation. After we've consulted and gone over over your credit profile with you, we begin the dispute process using our proven system that has given us results results.

2 .The correspondence.

The creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus are required by law to investigate items that were disputed within 30 days. Sometimes it takes 45 days to receive a complete updated credit report. You will forward the responses back to us so we can be able to evaluate the progress on your account from the information provided. How many times this process is repeated will vary depending on the profiles specific credit situation.

3. Sit back and relax. Let Attractive Credit do all the work for you.

Your only responsibility is to forward credit reports to us and forward all correspondence you receive from the credit bureaus.